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A leading designer of ultra-luxury estate homes



Design is the manifestation of a story. To tailor a space to the versatile tastes of discerning clients, Principal Architect, Monika Gupta begins by assimilating a narrative that spans both functional and aspirational preferences in modern as well as classic style signatures.

Beginning with intricate sketches and swatches that capture the client's desired outcome, the team creates conceptual study models and highly sophisticated renders to visualize the process and results. From preliminary conception through design evolution, the team works inventively to deliver unique spaces with a signature style.



Discerning spaces deserve bespoke interiors. Monika Gupta combines visual dexterity with an unparalleled access to internationally renowned materials, craftsmanship and processes that result in striking and exceptional homes. Her heightened sense of proportions creates elegant and timeless interiors of both contemporary and classically inspired homes.

Throughout the process, the team includes sketches and elaborate mood board presentations, including the clients in the creation process.



Commissioning everything from concept, design and build, the House of Monika Gupta creates luxuriously unique furniture that echoes the overall architecture and aesthetic palette of high-caliber spaces.

Her keen eye lends itself to the selection or design of each individual piece of furniture in every space of the home including entrance foyers, lounges, bedrooms, formal rooms and pool areas. Both customized and sourced pieces of furniture meet the studio's sophisticated standards of quality and follow a cohesive aesthetic that proportionally focused as well as visually striking.

Smart Home


Whether adapting an existing space or designing one, the House of Monika Gupta has a forward-thinking approach towards tech integrated spaces.

Balancing both functionality, cost-value and user friendliness, our team holistically composes smart spaces that cater to diverse audiences and preferences.



From accents to accessories, the finishing touches highlight the soul of a space. We have an exclusive team of consultants who can help with commissioning or sourcing bespoke works including crystal chandeliers, precious display items, antiques and limited edition items.



The House of Monika Gupta sources art works that reflect the narrative of a space as well as curate its placement in accordance with the architecture, interiors and lighting.

Leveraging a formal association with reputed art galleries, we engage in creating an art collection that extends the narrative of the home and its residents. The curatorial process includes vetting the right medium or style and commissioning original artwork from both emerging and established artists. The studio offers consultation and coveted access to international art channels to our most discerning clients.

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